About us

Over close to 15 years, Saing has been working on the realization of various projects from a wide domain of acoustics , noise protection and room acoustics , through the whole country and outside. By researching and projecting various situational problems,we try that our work is done with quality and on time.Every problem is different and every client is different,we always try to adjust to all of our clients demands.

Subject of business
– expert work in environmental protection : analysing the state of the environment (monitoring), writing expert studies of enviromental protection,the effect on the environment and also expert preparation
– expert noise protection projects
– manufacturing the sound insulation equipment
–  sound and vibration measurements
– working environment parameters measurements : noise , illumination, microclimate, chemical pollution
– projecting,performing and surveillance over the installation of the techinal protection system
– special projects in the department of engineering, construction , electrotechincs and acoustics
– expert services of room organization and design
– projecting, building, utilization and removal of buildings
– surveillance over construction
– engineering and other project services
– purchase and sale of goods and offering services in domestic and / or foreign market
– representing foreign or legal persons in the traffic of goods and services
– advertisement ( commercials and propaganda )
– offering informational society services